The sophisticated technique and its secretUne technique perfectionnée et son secret

In order to produce an exquisite texture, the breadcrumbs are carefully ground into a thin coating.

Original blended oil which we change every day to keep freshness makes the taste of the ingredients stand out while keeping their umami.

The excess oil from Kushikatsu skewers is carefully removed by centrifugal force. It’s a great opportunity to taste succulent skewers of light and healthy breaded meat.

Selected ingredientsUne technique perfectionnée et son secret

Delicious ingredients even when raw.
We use high-quality foie gras and Châteaubriant from France,
and seasonal vegetables which are carefully selected.

Our various sauces

Soy sauce mixed with dashi, Japanese broth
Japanese mustard sauce
Worcestershire sauce made from red wine and vegetables
And Japanese pepper mixed with French salt